Tom and Sue! Josh and I had the most fun ever! It even surpassed my expectations. Tom’s a fantastic guide who truly cares about providing the best experience possible for his guests. I hope to come back some day for more of the same. THANK YOU!

B. Allan


As a repeat customer, I can say without hesitation that I have gotten more for my money at Cartwright Sound Charters than any other fishing charter service could offer. The guides are local with a lifetime of fishing experience in the area, allowing for a consistently good fishing experience, and the biggest fish that I have ever caught.
The equipment and skill of the guides provides for a great fishing adventure that is safe and comfortable. Everything needed for fishing is supplied, including  tackle, and fowl weather/safety gear. The staff, food, and lodge accommodations are great. Hot breakfasts and dinners are served at the lodge during your stay, and lunches of your choice are prepared for each day of fishing on the boat.

The single room accommodations are great so that I don’t have to put up with my partner’s snoring. The staff is truly concerned with making your fishing experience enjoyable, gives you personal service, and personally meets you at the airport. It’s really like fishing with an old friend.

D.A. “IKE” Eichman
Jackson, CA


As we start to set up the group for our 5th annual trip with you, I thought I’d write and let you know how delighted our group was with your set up. The fishing was fantastic as usual. Of the many Halibut we took, three were between 90 lbs. and 150 lbs. As usual, we took Chinook, Tyee (Chinook over 30 lbs) and Coho to our allowed limit.
The guides were great. Each went out of his way to make sure we were attended to personally; the ladies were certainly pleased with that. I cannot overstate their knowledge of the waters and where the fish were.

The accommodations were exactly “what the doctor ordered. The attention to food allergies and our vegetarian friend was much appreciated and added to the home-like feeling. I look forward to bringing the group back again.

Regards from all …
Dr. Martin Goldstein


This has been our second trip with Tom and his crew. Our first trip we brought four guys and our second trip we brought six. We are planning next year to bring nine guys.
Cartwright Sound runs a first class fishing camp. The boats and equipment are amazing.

Food and accommodations are excellent. The fishing is second to none, the only problem is that my brother catches the biggest fish every year! I put this one at the top of my list.”

Tyler Pochynuk


I’ve fished up and down the West Coast for over 25 years and haven’t found a fishing lodge that offers a better combination of consistent fishing, in mostly calm shore-based protected areas, great relaxing Lodge accomodations, and a friendly, knowledgeable fishing team.
No pounding 2 hour rides offshore to find the fish … they’re right here !

Mark Boppre –
Kelowna, BC


This was my second trip with Tom and once again the fishing was world-class. Top-notch boats and equipment, the best guides and great accommodations make it a fantastic get-away with good friends.

Mark D
Calgary, Alberta


Thanks again to Tom & the Crew !!
We had a group of 12, and can’t say enough good things about the fun, laughs, great food, and fishing. I was here last year, and had such a good time and great fishing, I found 11 more guys to join me. I had even more fun, Can’t wait to see you again!!

R Bobyn
Calgary, AB

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy experience with Tom Klassen began in 2003 when he was Fishmaster for the old Salmon Safaris operation in Sandspit. Each year, my partners and Isay that the fishing can’t get any better, but it always does. This past year the three of us had a total catch of 515# for our 4-day session. This weight was “field dressed” (with heads off and guts out). We quit half-way through our final day as we had more than enough fish and our arms were tired.
The accommodations are great, the food is wonderful and Tom is totally committed to customer service. That’s a combination that just can’t be beat.

As a former Coast Guardsman and also charter boat operator in Ketchikan, AK, I have always been impressed with Tom’s attention to safety and can really appreciate his reasonable rules concerning personal conduct while on the water. In case of an emergency, especially in the cold waters of Northern British Columbia, everyone on board need to stay at the top of their game as their very lives may depend on it.

Tom’s fishing equipment is top-notch, his boats are rugged, dependable, and well suited to the waters, and his guides are exemplary. I just can’t say enough good things about Cartwright Sound Fishing Charters. Come on up and enjoy tight lines, good food, excellent accommodations and a wonderful experience. It’s also a great place to bring the spouse or significant other.

Ray Howard
Rhododendron, Oregon, USA


Dear Tom and Crew,
Wow, what a fantastic trip !! This is my third trip with Tom and I would never consider anywhere else.
Every trip we have had multiple species limits for everyone on the boat.The boats and equipment are excellent. Great food and lodge. The best value for fishing and fun. Tom is a master at finding the fish and I learn something new every time. Queen Charlotte Islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Scott Cameron,
Washington. USA


Chad and I want to thank you for providing one of the best, if not THE best, experiences of our lives! The goal for me was to expose Chad to the beauty and adventure of the Northwest and to spend some quality “Dad” time with him before he goes off to school. Soon enough, he’ll be doing his own thing and will have little or no time for Dad!

That goal was met and exceeded by a mile!

The quality of everything was absolutely outstanding – food, fishing, guides, Sue, Tom, the Chef, everything – and I will definitely be coming back to experience it once again. We appreciate everything you guys did for us while we were there.

Bob Huchins