An adventure of a lifetime that you will NEVER forget!

We invite you to come fish the West Coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands / Haida Gwaii in Canada with us at Cartwright Sound Fishing Charters.

Let our professional guides take you fishing to one of the most beautiful places anywhere, and catch fish like you never thought possible!

This is the type of fishing experience that will completely spoil you for fishing anywhere else.

Targeted Species Include:
King / Spring SalmonCoho / Silver Salmon HalibutLing CodDungeness Crab!

Fishing With Us

All summer long the ocean is alive. Humpback Whales, Orcas, Seals and Sea Lions, Black Bears and Eagles everywhere! Imagine trying to observe all of this while fighting Ocean Fresh Powerful Salmon. It does sound like a dream, but it truly is a real place that you'll never forget!

Our Fishing Vessels

Our boats are well equipped and maintained in tip top condition at all times. Safety is # 1 with Cartwright Sound Fishing Charters. The boats are 25 to 30 foot comfortable Cabin Cruisers equipped with...

The Lodge

Cartwright Sound Charters is proud to accommodate our guests at the Inn at Sandspit.

Book A Trip

Our adventure season in Canada starts May 1st, and runs to mid September each Calendar Year. Choose the dates that you would prefer, and call us at 1-888-355-4554 to confirm availability. Please be sure to Book your times quickly, as availability for some months and times are quite limited !!

Tom and Sue! Josh and I had the most fun ever! It even surpassed my expectations. Tom’s a fantastic guide who truly cares about providing the best experience possible for his guests. I hope to come back some day for more of the same. THANK YOU!
B. Allan
Cartwright Sound Charters
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